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Modern Cosmopolitan Apartment Interior in Classic Flat

This is just a classic flat that its interior converted into such a modern apartment in cosmopolitan interior design. The modern cosmopolitan apartment interior in classic flat displays a different atmosphere with extension glass such as windows that serves breadth of view and brightens the interior with natural light. The color chosen in this modern cosmopolitan apartment interior is white, bright with dark floors that give rise to the contrast so that the different-colored furniture directly seems as focus point. This classic flat converted into a modern cosmopolitan apartment has spacious interior and redesigned the living room, kitchen, and yard. Underneath is a kitchen area with bathroom and bedroom in ceramic floors. Spacious, contrast, and minimalist furniture make modern cosmopolitan interiors make this different impression.

Cosmopolitan interior in blue

Extension glass in modern apartment

Front yard in flat

Contrast interior with bright furniture

Modern cosmopolitan in spacious

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