Fabulous Family Living Interior in Cozy Bright House

This time we are going to describe little about fabulous family living interior in the cozy bright house that looks like a boat house. This family house is rather complicated its structure but this makes the living zones become more fabulous. Let’s start from the bedroom and here is the kids bedroom located on the loft with safe and fun interior such colorful wall, carpets and wallpaper, large window to make them free enjoy the views and the sunrises going through it into the room. The bedroom for parents is sexy and private. After that we go down on the downstairs through the fabulous stairs structure with decoration on the wall using circle window. The handle of the stairs also decorate with colorful floral theme make the interior cozy bright and cheerful. There is also a living room with colorful cushions and a relax armchair. Entering the kitchen and dining area, we are greeted by colorful situation like a mini bar. The main living and dining area are fabulous with wide views through the glazing windows.

Fabulous living and dining area

Fabulous stairs decoration

Fabulous kitchen as mini bar

Fabulous family area

Fun kids bedroom

Fabulous kids room

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