Creative Home Interior Design Idea of Combining Several Styles Mixture

When it comes to decorating a house, the majority of people tend to choose one single style, but you also have the possibility to choose the mixture of several styles, such as classic and modern. Sometimes it is good to have a little bit of unexpected, to break the monotony of the room. Also such an item could become the focal point of the room. A simple example for this might be to have a bright blue vase in the room. It doesn’t really matter whether you have an old house, in case you choose fabrics that are brightly colored. You could use these fabrics for the seating area. For example you could change the fabric of an old chair with a trendy fabric, with zebra stripes. Although it is suitable for the rest of the house to have a traditional look, when it comes to the kitchen, you should opt for the modern style. The tile that you choose for it could even look like mosaic.

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