Cozy Townhouse Interior Design Featuring Exotic View

This is actually a townhouse in Mallorcan style architecture with wood and glass and next to exotic view. The flagship in the interior design of this townhouse is the cozy design featuring with exotic view. Maybe you can compare between the designs of the townhouse that ever lived in some townhouse. This cozy townhouse interior in Mallorcan style is mostly pointed on the wooden materials. The wooden used is the high quality so, although the material using wood but it still seems modern. Even for interior design and architecture of the townhouse involves many architects, they are Alexander Von Wabber, Juan Carlos Sopena and Jose Fermoselle. Some of the windows covered by wooden panels that can opened, and the others almost like glass wall. To saving the privacy there are covered by curtain. Some rooms are design in open space as in the bedroom fitted by glass wall that can open by sliding it. In front of the bedroom there is outside balcony facing the exotic view with the cool air. The architecture and modern interior are modern but it far from the urban noise.

Cozy dining and living area

Ethnic rugs in living room interior

Modern kitchen interior in wood

Open space dining room

Cozy bedroom with exotic view

Exotic lounge in cozy townhouse


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