Bond Restaurant in Glamour Golden – Lit Bar Interior and Centerpiece

You must know the Bond films are so well known from 60s and 70s era, and still popular even today. Glamorous side of Bond is taken to be the theme of this Bond restaurant with its golden-lit interior and centerpiece bar. Shelves, lighting, and some furniture has golden-lit accent that are sexy and glamorous. It seems that all the interior components specially designed with glamorous style with some abstract ornament designed to remind us of the Bond films. This Bond restaurant is divided into several distinct zones, each zones has golden-lit bar interior and centerpieces. Some rooms are including one special room. It is smoking room designed on the back so that the visitors feel comfortable. The entire restaurant space in this bond is designed with communicative interior to create comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Glamour bond restaurant interior

Golden-lit bar and centerpiece

Wine shelves in golden-lit

Bond restaurant Interior


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