How to Make Green Garden for Beautiful Exterior and Facade

Let us discuss a little bit about how to make green garden for beautiful exterior and façade. This is because the garden is an important part of exterior house, moreover nowadays. Then, how can we have a beautiful green garden for exterior and façade? Wes should design the most convenience garden for us and for the harmonious home design.

How to make green garden for beautiful exterior and façade is enough to display the garden according to the design of the house. We can focus using colorful flowers if your garden is spacious and allows for different kinds of flowers grow there. The impression of wild is quite interesting. Flowers grow wild but well maintained, plus an additional stretch of grass and one or two tree for shading. If you want a green garden that works for a gathering place and lounge, tall trees for shade is primary, then you decorate some green plantation on the outskirts. There is a small jug at minimalist garden with pool and umbrella canopy. Even you can also make a pavilion for both lounge and bathroom in the middle of the green garden full of plantation and pool.

Green labyrinth of garden

Pavilion in green garden

Minimalist green garden with pool

Green garden for relaxing

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