Filed under Furniture Design at May 31st 2011

Natural Tree Branches Decoration to Beautify Modern Home Interior

Get a natural touch in decorating home interior is a big deal of the contemporary Eco-friendly house concept. The natural touch could be in the painting, furniture material and furniture design. The natural color ought to be uniting with the nature, such as wooden color or fresh tree colors. The idea of using tree branches for decorating home interior is the precise concept to beautify the modern home interior and to create the natural concept. The tree branches are exactly compatible to be placed in the corner of the rooms to give the different accents. The tree branches also can be painted in any colors to match it with the room painting concept.

Attractive Tree Branches beside the Ceiling Lamp

Natural Tree Branches Decoration

Three Branches with the Crystal Accent

Sturdy Tree Branches above the Fireplace

Dried White Tree Branches Decoration

Beautiful Tree Branches on the Room Corner


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