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Country Style Bathroom Interior Ideas in Several Types Design

After you are satisfied observe a variety of bathroom design, you should try to see some country style bathroom interior ideas in several types design. Several types design here means still to focus in country style bathroom but in traditional, luxury, and calming design. One of example of country style bathroom is calming country bathroom interior, double-ended freestanding bath with the mixer in the middle, large lantern for romantic lighting, the design of towel rack for space saving, and some others features. Another idea is to design country –style bathroom interior at the attic, attic country bathroom interior in this picture is more modern by maximizing the narrow places in a corner of the attic. With simple marble floors and tiles with brown color is enough to give the impression of country, you can also put a simple fireplace to give the country style impression.

Modern country attic bathroom

Country bathroom in traditional style

Calming country bathroom interior

Country bathroom in rustic style

Classic luxury country bathroom


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